Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sparkle like Georgina Sparks

I am quite sad that one of my favourite series has come to an end. I have been watching Gossip Girl since season 1 and since then been a fan. Hooked and slayed. The drama filled story line always kept me captivated and entertained. Season 6 (the final season) didn't wow me with the first couple of episodes, although it only consists of 10 episodes. One of the show's main attractions is the amazing fashion and of course the beautiful setting of New York City's Upper East Side. 

One of the show's special guest stars, Michelle Trachtenberg, who plays Georgina Sparks, synonymous for being a bad girl, a bully and a smart manipulator caught my eye. Its funny how I never actually paid special attention to her character until the final episode. My focus has always been on the main characters. I had my suspicions that Georgina might be Gossip Girl but that's too predictable. Once Gossip Girl's identity was revealed I was taken aback and shocked, I didn't see it coming. Well played. Gossip Girl's identity was withheld for so long I eventually stopped guessing.

There's something about Georgina's style that I love. It goes part and parcel with her "bitch, please I'm Georgina Sparks" attitude. She's selfish, troubled and a big antagonist. Her character's sense of style is dark, to the point, yet still stylish and elegant. Her character doesn't play around with colour much, I guess its far from her personality. Old habits die hard, nor does a leopard change its spots. Everybody loves to hate Georgina Sparks.

With that said...

Farewell, Gossip Girl.


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